Playing snooker is a game that requires skill, focus, and determination. Although snooker is considered to be a leisure sport but what many people don’t know is that snooker has some amazing health benefits that will make you wonder why you aren’t playing it every day or at the very least give you an excuse to play every day. While the social benefits of playing snooker have always been rather well known, research has just started providing that just how much playing snooker can do for our mind and body. Here are the 5 top benefits of playing snooker and why you should start playing snooker right away.

Slows Down The Aging Process

Forget about expensive creams or pills that promise to slow down aging with no results for months. Snooker has been scientifically proven to directly affect the aging process in men. According to a recent study from the University of Copenhagen, if you drink beer while playing snooker which you probably do, it helps the body stay active as you interchange between an active action and a passive action to keep your body and mind active.

This is especially true for older men that can’t squeeze in enough physical activity on their day to day routine.

Better Motor & Coordination Skills

You know how they say that men that play snooker tend to be better with their hands? Well, that might not entirely be false. Children and adults that play pool tend to develop better and sharper teamwork, strategizing, hand-eye coordination, planning and a variety of other skills that help them get ahead in life.

Playing snooker requires skill, focus and planning one step ahead along with precise calculations and having exceptional control over one’s body to make those tricky sensitive shots. These subconscious activities have been proven to directly affect your life skills and help you maintain better control over your body and senses.

 Helps Build Focus

Snooker is a game of focus and skill so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s a great way to enhance focus as well. Just like everything else we do, we progressively keep getting better at and snooker is no exception. The more we concentrate while playing the better our focus and concentration gets which helps in almost every part of life.

In snooker, the player must focus on their target, the position of the cue and then determine in which direction the wall will role. So, it goes without saying, that snooker does wonders for helping people focus and concentrate.

Helps Relax, Lose Weight & Tone Muscles

Snooker might not be the most physically demanding pass time but it sure does require a lot of stretching and even helps tone the muscles. Constantly stretching in snooker poses to take shots uses muscles of the body that people don’t normally use which.

The continuous bending and reaching to facilitate arm/hand setups that help your body become agile and prolonged periods of gameplay result in you getting toned more noticeable muscles. Naturally, this also means that your body stays in top shape thanks to all the stretching which also does wonders for helping lose weight thanks to all the calories that are burned in the process.

A Game For All Ages

What is arguably the most impressive thing about snooker is that no matter how old or young you are, there’s nothing stopping you from playing it whenever you want. Snooker is a game that you can play anytime regardless of age.

Whether you’re an old man or a kid in middle school, snooker will provide hours of entertainment while helping you keep your body and brain active. When you combine the social and physical aspects of snooker, it is by far one of the most beneficial games that people of all ages can enjoy.