Any snooker player needs the best cue they can possibly have with the perfect weight and length. However, even the tiniest defect can ruin a shot so regular checks and maintenance are absolutely essential to raise the quality of your game.


Maintaining your snooker cue requires constant vigilance. Doing so will extend the lifespan of your cue as well as ensure that you’re getting the best possible performance during your practice sessions and games.


Maintaining Your Snooker Cue - 7 Fundamentals



  • You should always keep your cue in a top quality case to protect it from accidental knocks and bumps. Your cue is a fragile tool and needs to be shielded during both transport and storage.


  • Although it can be tempting to do so you should never lean your snooker cue at an angle against a wall. If you do so the cue can easily fall over and get damaged with impact on the floor.


  • Never allow your cue to be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. One of the most common mistakes is to leave your cue in your car but you shouldn’t do this because temperatures can quickly change! This can cause the cue and its joints to become damp and the shaft may warp, swell, shrink or bend.


  • Never use any abrasive pads or sandpaper to clean the shaft of your cue. This will remove the oil finish and leave your cue’s shaft feeling dry and sticky.


  • When you set your cue down on any surface be careful to place it softly to avoid damaging the joints or, in the worst case scenario, breaking the tip off the end.


  • Always keep an eye on your cue’s tip and when it needs changing do so immediately. This will keep your performance at its best and will avoid you needing to replace the ferrule as a result of negligence.


  • Never use water to clean your cue. It might seem okay to use a wet cloth to clean your cue but you should only ever use either a slightly damp or a dry cloth.



What Do You Need To Check To Ensure That Your Snooker Cue Is In Good Condition?



There’s a few main things that you need to check regularly to keep your snooker cue in top condition.



  • Check the cue’s joints are clean. The joints can quickly build up dust and dirt which can lead to a bad connection. This can cause a loud sound when you strike the cue ball. If this happens then simply disconnect the joints and, using a dry cloth, clean out the dust and grit. Alternatively, you can use a fine wire wool to clean off the dirt.


  • Check that your cue is straight. It’s essential to have a cue that’s perfectly straight. You can roll the cue on a table to see if it’s straight. If it’s not straight then you’ll have to get it fixed as soon as possible. The most common reasons for your cue not being straight is because the joints have become damaged or the wood has warped due to being exposed to extreme temperatures.


  • If your cue is making strange noises when you strike the cue ball it might be caused by the ferrule. The ferrule is the connection which supports the cue tip. You should check this frequently to make sure that it’s in great condition. If the ferrule becomes worn down it’ll affect your accuracy but you can easily replace it if you need to. If the ferrule becomes loose then you can reset it using a specially designed glue.


  • The shaft of your cue can become dry and sticky over time. To refresh your cue’s shaft you can use a raw linseed oil. To apply the raw linseed oil you first need to thoroughly clean the shaft with a dry cloth and then lightly apply the oil with a kitchen paper towel or a dry cloth. Once you’ve oiled the shaft you need to leave it overnight to properly soak in. The next day you can buff the cue with a clean dry cloth to get it shiny and smooth.



How Long Does The Best Snooker Cue Last?



If you take good care of your snooker cue it can easily last you three to five years of regular use. This is why it’s so important to properly maintain your cue; not only will you ensure your accuracy in game remains reliable but you’ll get much better value for money on your purchase.



Make Snooker Cue Maintenance A Part Of Your Life



The best way to keep your snooker cue in tip top condition is to make maintenance a part of your regular routine. Each day, before you start playing, just do a quick inventory of the parts and check that they’re all in good condition.


After you’ve finished playing for the day; give your cue a good wipe down, recheck the parts and do any adjustments that need doing straight away.


If you follow this advice your cue should last many happy years and provide you with the perfect tool to take your game to the next level.