Comparison Between Cue Vendors

Ella Purian

When it comes down to it, cues are nothing more pointy sticks but what makes them special the craftsmanship and the skill it takes to make them. Depending on the vendor you’re buying a cue stick from you can get one of a kind custom cue or a mass-produced cue that’s barely any different from a simple stick. The quality of a cue greatly effects performance and where you buy a cue from greatly effects the quality. To help you find the quality cues you need, we’ve done the research to bring you some of the finest and cue vendors on the market that are guaranteed to deliver high quality.

Fury Cues

Fury Cues is one of the older cue makers that couldn’t get mainstream attention but that doesn’t mean their cues are anything but exceptional. Fury Cues has been making cues for years and over the years have honed their craft to become one of the reliable cue manufacturers and vendors on the market.

Besides making great cues, they also have a variety of snooker related goods and apparels as well as cases all with the same high quality one would expect from a professional vendor.

Omin Cues

Omin Cues is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cues. With decades of experience under their belt and having made hundreds of cues that have been used throughout the world, Omin Cues has made a name for itself as a reliable manufacturer and vendor of cues.

It’s hard to find a professional or experienced player today that hasn’t at least at some point heard about Omin Cues for all the right reasons. The price of an Omin Cues starts from $100 and goes all the way up to $800. With a massive variety of cues and great customer service, this is a Cue vendor that definitely worth the price.


CUESOUL is relatively new on custom cue and cue vendor scene but has the quality and professionalism to hold their own in a tough market. What CUESOUL lacks in experience, they make up for it with compassion. It’s a cue vendor that is inspired by their love of the game which adds a certain charm to their cues and other cue products.

Their cues are additionally great choices for people that are starting out but want a higher quality cue to improve their game without having to empty their wallets. With great support and great quality, this is a cue vendor that is definitely worth every beginner’s time.

Poinos Billiards

Poinos Billiards is one of the largest online vendor cues and all things related to them. From high-quality cases to a massive lineup of cues, Poinos Billiards has something to offer for everyone.

With years of experience under their belt and thousands of happy customer both professional and casual players, Predator Cues can be found everywhere in the world which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. They have a large selection of online goods along with shafts and cases making it a one-stop destination for all your cue needs.


XUANGOUXGCN are renowned throughout the world for their professional craftsmanship and are one of the most well-known vendors of sports and cue related goods online. They have a wide selection of sizes, styles, cases, and finishes that will appeal to both professionals and casual players.

Overall, the quality is by far the main selling point of XUANGOUXGCN along with having great style and accessories. This truly is the first choice for any professional player looking for a reliable cue vendor.