Watch Betway UK Championship 2018 Live

Watch Betway UK Championship 2018 Live

Ella Purian

The Betway UK Championship 2018 –

The UK Championship is considered as one of the most prestigious sports titles all across the world. The UK Championship is sponsored by Betway. It’s one of the most historic tournaments of snooker. This event will be plated from November 27 to December 9 2018.

After the World Championship, the UK Championship is the second biggest ranking event. In fact, these two tournaments make up the Triple Crown of snooker with the Masters. The UK Championship was first played in 1977 and has been won by all of the great names of snooker.

Since 2011, the tournament was staged at the York Barbican and appealed huge crowds throughout the year.

The UK Championship was first staged in 1977 and has been won by virtually all of snooker’s great names. The Betway UK Championship will make a return to its home – York Barbican. However, the tickets for the last years, final rounds sold out in the record time; so you shouldn’t miss out in 2018!

The Event Information –

Event Name – The Betway UK Championship

Dates – 27 November (Tuesday) – 9 December (Sunday) and there will be no play on November 30 (Friday).

Venue – York Barbican, Paragon Street, York 

Defending Champion - Ronnie O’Sullivan

Final Thought –

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